Saturday, December 19, 2009

eIPO through CIMB

My family like to apply IPO and i always heard they make money from it. So, i decided to try it up!
I use to have a maybank2u online trading account but only realize i could not buy IPO as it is a nominate account. So, i have to find another broker house and finally i picked up online trading service provided by CIMB. Why i choose CIMB?

First of all i have my saving in CIMB so i would think it save my times transferring money. Moreover CIMB provides online fix deposit opening and drawing. So, i can freely transfer from one account to another account within CIMB with no charges.

Secondly i have the re miser come to my house for all the paper work. I went up to another re miser from PM securities Melaka and they wanted me to come to their office for CDS register address amendment since i am no longer stay at my parent's house. My name was used by my brother for IPO aaplication many years ago. With remiser from CIMB, i can open an account with new CDS number and with no charges and then my CDS address registration has been changed to my current address. Good service by the remiser.

CIMB provides relatively comparatives broker rate: 0.48% online and 0.60% for call. Although not the minimum but it is not the highest too.

The remiser also provides good explaination to me with a lot patience as i am always full with questions.

I managed to apply the lastest release IPO from Yoong Onn Corporation Sdn through eIPO from CIMB. RM2 was charged which i think is more costly from other bank. Unfortunately my application was failing and the money was returned to my CIMB saving account. To me, this is a good experience learn and i am currently look forward for the next new IPO release next year which is JCY.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby KIKO Precious Moments Contest

So far I found this baby contest website is the simplest among all. First of all, you do not need to buy anything before entering the contest. Secondly, you do not have to submit a hard copy photo to the organizer. Thirdly, you do not need to spend money in postage. Forty, the present is relatively attractive as the prizes come in CASH! Lastly, there will be three winners for each month until.....(no idea).

So, to entitle yourself for the competition, you need to know a little of computer knowledge such as able to come to the parenThots web page, editing your photo into 640x480 pixels jpeg format. Uploading the edited photo.

Other than that, just some skill to capture photos and add it with some nice slogan will do.

I participated each month and finally won the second prize after three attempts. It won me a RM50 Baby KIKO hamper which consists of two bottles of baby bath (should be 750ml), two packs of 400pcs cotton buds, one pack of 100 sheets wet wiper, one bottle of baby lotion (should be 200ml). On top of that, i won RM50 cash!

It took me around two weeks to receive the gift upon winning the prize. Overall the contest is quite efficient. However a slight of coordination work can be further enhance. I stated in my email that i wish to collect my prize at Melaka Mall Parkson Baby Kiko counter but end up i was told the gift was mistakenly delivered to Mahkota Parkson after 40 minutes of waiting at Melaka Mall with two children messing up the toy departments and then crying for hungryness. Later i get my cousin to help me to collect at Mahkota and i was told another round of waiting as the two gifts are placed at difference places. The promoter went for a while to take the hamper and then another round to somewhere else for the cash. Lastly, i just go to the counter with no evidence of proof and it ends up the promoter in the Melaka Mall knowing nothing about the prize.

Without the slight flaw in addressing the gift, i would say this is a nice website for baby contest. Give it a try before the closing. Good luck!